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We provide liquidation services in the Atlanta metro area including, Paulding County, Cobb County, Douglas County, Bartow County Cherokee County and more. We also provide liquidation services in the Southeast United States. Call Leah Ballew at 404-606-4636


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What is an Inventory Liquidator?

A liquidator helps a company to take assets or goods of the company, in this case, merchandise and turn it into cash for the company.  A liquidation of merchandise or inventory could be needed for a variety of reasons. 

Discontinued items

Your Company may have product or goods that sells much more slowly than you had expected and you may choose to discontinue that product or specific packaging.  We will buy your discontinued items so that you can make room on your shelves on in your stores for new products.

Damaged or Salvage Goods and Close Dated Items

 There may be product that was damaged in transit, or perhaps your product has been on the retail market for some time and has now gotten close to the date where the item is no longer at its peak performance.  If your company has salvage or close dated merchandise, instead of choosing to donate or destroy it or waiting for a whole tax year to see your benefit, our liquidation company will turn your excess merchandise or inventory into a revenue immediately.

End of Season

 Another reason may be that it is the end of the season and your company wants to make room for new stock.  Generally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these items but once they are brought into the “liquidation market”, they can generally be purchased at a good value to the consumer or end user.

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How can an Inventory Liquidator help?

Is your credit line "maxed-out" ?  Do you have goods or merchandise that are close dated or out of date?  Inventory liquidator is a wholesale company.  We will buy excess inventory, overruns, closeout items, overstock items, salvage items, customer returns, damaged goods and surplus goods.  We then pass on the savings to our customers.  We are located in the Metro Atlanta area but will buy inventory from anywhere in the Southeast United States, including Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Although we specialize in purchasing goods from the Southeastern states, we will purchase closeout and excess goods from anywhere in the United States.

It does not matter if you are looking for small or large quantities, Inventory Liquidator of Atlanta can fill your needs.  We carry a great variety of products.  From Household appliances and furniture to health and beauty aids.  Paper products and household supplies to personal care items.  We will purchase bankruptcy liquidations, Chapter 7 liquidations, distressed merchandise, and shelf pulls.  Contact Inventory Liquidator today if you are in need of a consolidator to buy your surplus, excess, overstock, salvage or closeout items.  If you have surplus inventory that you need to liquidate contact us at 404-606-4636.  We will provide a quick response.

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